Egypt Deposits


  • Q: May a foreigner with a tourist visa open a time deposit account?

    Reply David from Philippines
  • Q: Can I open a time deposit account at your bank? I am a South African. If so, can you send me the Application forms please.

    Reply Elize from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: What is the CURRENT CD rate? How safe is the money?

    Reply Carolyn Grimes from Homosassa, United States
    • R: Hey I actually live in Egypt and just wanted to clear some stuff up: 1)CDs are now up to 20% not 10.5% 2) yes there are safe 3)There are three types of cds 3 years with a return of 16%, a year and a half with a return of 20% and a 5 year cd with a return of 20% By the way signing up for a cd is really easy right now the bank with the highest interest rates is "Banque Misr" here is the link if you want to check it out:

      Reply Omar