Egypt Interest Rates

The Egyptian economy with a population of 79 Million (Est 2010) ranks 26th in the world with a GDP PPP of 498 billion and GDP PPP per capita of 6,367 vs 47,123 (United States) according to the IMF in 2010. Its currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGO). Bank deposits held for a fixed term in Egypt are called time deposits. According to its inflation was 18.3% in 2008 and 11.8% in 2009.

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Egypt Bank Interest Rates

Showing rates for 8 Bank deposit providers in Egypt.
Bank Branch Founded Ownership
Banque Misr Banque Misr 495 1920 N/A
National Bank of Egypt National Bank Of Egypt 338 1898 N/A
Banque du Caire Banque Du Caire 231 1952 Foreign
AlexBank AlexBank 210 1957 Foreign
CIB CIB 161 1975 Local
HSBC Egypt HSBC Egypt 71 1982 Foreign
Barclays Bank Egypt Barclays Bank Egypt 54 1999 Foreign
Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt Faisal Islamic Bank Of Egypt 29 1979 Local
Citibank Egypt Citibank Egypt 9 1955 Foreign

Egypt Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Can I open a time deposit account at your bank? I am a South African. If so, can you send me the Application forms please.

    Elize from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Savings
    Q: I want to open high Interest savings account. I am British & live in the U.K. But l am interested in investing in Egypt bank account. This account will be used in the future to purchase a property in Sharm el Sheikh. Thank you

    Sandy from Egypt
  • Citibank Egypt
    Q: can i receive my usa social security at your bank?

    Al Sarieh from Stockton, United States
  • Deposits
    Q: What is the CURRENT CD rate? How safe is the money?

    Carolyn Grimes from Homosassa, United States
  • Savings
    Q: I am thinking of buying a property in hurghada, would I be able to open a savings account

    jon c from Bury, United Kingdom